Send Life-rafts…!

A couple of days ago I asked: Please add some thoughts… and already we have comments in the forum listed below giving us some positive ideas to follow up.
   Thank you!
   One also says: “So many kids enjoy this site and young authors may someday be discovered through it.”
   I think that may have already happened.  Kristiana, whose first story we published was The Messy Room, has already been recognised as having a special talent by her local school system.  And she keeps in touch with SillyBooks so we can follow her progress.
   Then there is the wonderful comment: “I hope the joy of this site continues!”
   That is inspirational.
   Read what others are saying, and add your thoughts by clicking on “comments” below.


8 Responses to “Send Life-rafts…!”

  1. Cheyenne Schroeder Says:

    I think this is a great website. What I would do is look for a Publishing Company. After I found one I would give them a list of things that make this website a learning tool for blooming authors. Then I would go on about how “funding” SillyBooks will benefit them. Such as publicity, a new appeal to the young adult readers, more children interested in them the more Parents interested in them, and etc. The hard part will be coming up with a “good” trustworthy company who will listen to your plite.

    Good luck!

  2. Adayla S. Says:

    I also think this website is fantastic. I also agree with Cheyenne that you should find a publisher. So many kids enjoy this site and young authors may someday be discovered through it. I hope the joy of this site continues!

  3. Lita Paczak Says:

    I have enjoyed the writing, the artwork, the stories offered, and the songs that want to come home with you! I see Sillybooks become more, something along the lines of “Sillybooks: Reading, Writing, Responses, Respect!” This is the only site I’ve found that offers all that but does it in such a dignified way that some people don’t recognize the prize that is intrinsic to the site. Depending on the readers’ responses, it might be interesting to see if having a different topic for inspiration each month would keep interest in students interested in researching and writing unusual pieces, waiting to see what would be next. One suggestion could be: September : “Sillybooks — songs, sea chantys, and stories.” “February” could be “fun, frivolity, foods, unusual friends.” Students could paint a picture, write something inspired by the topic chosen, and some illustrations specifically designed to lead the child into the secret room.

    Now what would work for January, March, April, May, June, July, August, October, November, and December? Who has an idea.

    I know that I have an original song that uses almost all of the sight words for first and second graders. It cold be useful for those who have trouble using phonics to reinforce the learning of reading through song. That might be fun. I also have a song that uses an animal connection to teach the value of music notes and reading at the same time. Both songs use familiar folk melodies. Anyone interested? Sillybooks forever!

  4. Molly Says:

    Thought I’d let you all know that I’ve linked your site on my contest chart at Hopefully that will help generate more traffic!

    You have a great contest!

  5. ZMaleki Says:

    Keep this website rolling! It is a wonderful, wholesome, full of spice place for kids to share their writings! Sillybooks rules!

  6. Diana Says:

    I just learned about your site from my sister-in-law who is a homeschool parent. My sons and I really enjoyed reading the stories on the site. My youngest is going to tell his sixth grade writing teacher about the site.

    I am not sure how my sister-in-law originally found your site…I spend quite a bit of time online looking for sites that I can use as a classroom teacher and never stumbled across yours. I would talk with your web designer and see about tweaking/adding other keywords to the source so it shows up more readily on searches for children’s books, etc.

    I like Lita’s idea of a different theme each month. Another idea would be to offer seasonal/quarterly themes or contests.

    If financing is the issue I would suggest adding an online store, where you could offer teaching supplies for teaching writing, etc. Also, you could set up a link for donations to the Another option would be to do like several of the teacher lesson resource sites, and other types of sites,already do…offer a “premium membership” for a small fee. This could allow members access to special member’s only content, or some other type of incentive, such as viewing with no ads.


  7. Mari Says:

    Yes, indeed, we love this site. What more can I say, but “More!”

  8. Joseph Lupoli Says:

    It seems to me we have too many critics and advice givers than actual writers. Blog after blog I see a hundred Chiefs to one Indian. Well, I’m one of the lowly Indians.

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